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1970 – 1979

Tal Alzatar Dignity in grief

“Tal al-Zaatar a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon with a special place in my heart. It was subjected to extermination by the forces of the Lebanese right militant fources in the middle of 1976. At this time, I was in Berlin, East Germany, to conduct medical tests. Of course, I was following the news of Tal Al-Zaatar. I felt that what is happening is an act of extermination for our people in the camp, and they are suffering the torment of thirst as I suffered when I was expelled from my hometown in Lydda, and that a cup of water has become here equal to a cup of blood…!

These TV pictures and news had a huge impact on myself and I remembered all the massacres and went looking for artistic materials to express what was inside me while I was in Berlin. I had watercolors and colored inks, and I also found a kind of drawing paper available in the sizes I wanted to draw on, which are 70/ 100 cm. I started drawing at an unusual speed and in a style I had never used before.”




75 x 100